Big enough for the whole squad! Lukaku splashes out on giant bed

Romelu Lukaku's enormous bed has raised eyebrows on Instagram after he shared pictures of himself se ...View More

US ambassador's moustache causes uproar in South Korea

The threat of nuclear war has hung over the peninsula for years - but it seems the US ambassador's m ...View More

Airline sorry for forcing passenger to take pregnancy test

An airline has apologised after staff forced a passenger to take a pregnancy test before she was all ...View More

Hundreds of starlings found dead were 'avoiding bird of prey'

The mystery of hundreds of starlings found dead on a road in Anglesey has been solved by police who  ...View More

Ghosn escape triggers Yamaha instrument case warning

Without context it might seem like a bit of a random warning but Yamaha is advising people not to tr ...View More

Udder chaos: Cow on the railway sparks rush-hour delays in Scotland

A Highland cow has caused udder chaos during rush hour around Glasgow after the "absolute unit" esca ...View More

Snowel Gallagher and Gritter Thunberg among new salt spreaders

Snowel Gallagher and Gritter Thunberg are among the pun-filled names chosen for a new fleet of eight ...View More

Cat lovers less likely to go to church, research suggests

Church-goers are less likely to own a cat than atheists - partly because some of the latter see cats ...View More

Aliens exist and could already be on earth, first British astronaut says

The first British astronaut to go into space has claimed aliens exist and it is possible they are li ...View More

Cage spends New Year's Eve in a small pub - and gets everyone a drink

US actor Nicolas Cage stunned regulars at a small Somerset pub by spending New Year's Eve there - an ...View More

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