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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness May Have Found Its New Director

Last month, it was announced that Scott Derrickson, who directed 2016’s Doctor Strange, would be ste ...View More

Liza Minnelli Has A Classy Response To Judy And Renee Zellweger

The movie has proved to be big for Renée Zellweger’s career considering the actress has won a Golden ...View More

Please Let Chris Rock's Spiral Be The Start Of A Saw Anthology Series

Somewhere the gears are turning, the clues are falling into place and Jigsaw’s legacy is about to be ...View More

Could Christian Bale Play Beta Ray Bill In Thor: Love And Thunder?

In the three Thor movies we’ve seen to date, audiences have had the opportunity to see a tremendous  ...View More

Little Women's Greta Gerwig Has An Optimistic Take On The Golden Globes' Female Director Snubs

25 minutes ago Last night saw the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards come to a close ...View More

Peter Berg Loves How Often Mark Wahlberg Gets His Butt Kicked In Netflix's Spenser Confidential

56 minutes ago Like many filmmakers, director Peter Berg has actors who he likes  ...View More

Ford V Ferrari Just Passed A Major Box Office Milestone

4 hours ago They say that slow and steady wins the race, and while that might not ...View More

10 Best Superhero Movies Of The Decade, Ranked

4 hours ago Although superhero movies had already become i ...View More

Frozen II Led To An Unexpected Honor For The Cast

5 hours ago In addition to generally favorable critical reviews and a positive re ...View More

Reylo Fans Have Blunt Words About Rey And Kylo In Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker

1 hour ago SPOILERS from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ahead. There was a poi ...View More

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