Easing coronavirus lockdown could lead to 'resurgent' second wave

Scientists have warned that the coronavirus outbreak "could easily resurge" when lockdown measures a ...View More

The sun in 'ultra-HD' - scientists reveal sharpest images ever

The highest-ever resolution images of the sun have been revealed by British scientists working along ...View More

Trump takes break from COVID-19 crisis to sign order to mine the moon

Donald Trump paused his efforts around the growing coronavirus crisis to sign an executive order cle ...View More

Facebook launches Tuned app for couples

Facebook has launched an app for couples called Tuned that will allow them to build a digital scrapb ...View More

Vaccine boost as scientists find virus has 'low shielding'

UK scientists say the coronavirus is "hit and run" and not as well shielded from the immune system a ...View More

Lockdown isn't a windfall for the British games industry

Globally the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a double-edged sword for the games industry.Despi ...View More

'Pharma Bro' who hiked drug price by 5,000% asks for prison release

A former drug company executive wants to get out of prison so he can help research a treatment for t ...View More

Images reveal how COVID-19 'destroys' the lungs

Researchers in the US have used virtual reality (VR) for the first time to reveal how coronavirus at ...View More

Taiwan government bans Zoom due to security issues

Taiwan has banned government officials from using Zoom just days after the company admitted to mista ...View More

WhatsApp to limit message forwarding to tackle misinformation

WhatsApp is introducing a new limit on message forwarding to tackle the spread of misinformation, it ...View More

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