Warning over texts offering fake 'third lockdown' HMRC grant

A wave of scam text messages are being received across the UK, potentially duping people into giving ...View More

US hospitals facing 'increased and imminent cybercrime threat', FBI warns

Cybercriminals could soon paralyse the US healthcare system with a ransomware attack, which has alre ...View More

US tech stocks surge as Apple, Amazon and Facebook update on progress

US tech stocks have enjoyed a strong rally on Wall Street in advance of earnings reports from some o ...View More

Hubble Telescope used to study rare metal asteroid

An asteroid made of iron and nickel first discovered in 1852 could have been a protoplanet, accordin ...View More

What data does TikTok collect on its users, and how do other apps compare?

Chinese-owned app TikTok has been accused of harvesting its users' data, and was even described as a ...View More

World's most powerful supercomputer to search for coronavirus cure

Japan's new Fugaku supercomputer, which has this week been declared the most powerful in the world,  ...View More

Scientists grow mini organs to see how coronavirus ravages the body

Scientists are growing miniature organs to see how the coronavirus attacks the body.These organoids  ...View More

Apple chases Android features with new iOS updates

Apple came out chasing Google in an event on Monday which announced dozens of new features for the i ...View More

Carmaker Honda probes suspected cyber attack

Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, is investigating a suspected cyber attack that underlines mult ...View More

Fishing bans would see UK become 'world leader' in how we protect our seas

Fishing, dredging and other damaging activities could be completely banned from areas of England's c ...View More

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