New bodycam footage shows George Floyd pleading with arresting officers

  USA     August 10, 2020

Police camera footage showing George Floyd pleading with the officers who were arresting him moments ...View More

Children trapped in rubble after explosion destroys homes

  USA     August 10, 2020

At least one person has died and several others are seriously injured after a major explosion destro ...View More

Trump says 'it sounds like a good idea' for his face to be carved onto Mount Rushmore

  USA     August 10, 2020

Donald Trump has denied reports the White House inquired about getting his face carved onto Mount Ru ...View More

'You can't cancel Jesus': Religious revivals defy public health orders in California

  USA     August 09, 2020

One of the attending police officers admitted there was nothing they could really do.As hundreds of  ...View More

US reaches 5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19

  USA     August 09, 2020

The US has surpassed 5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, by far the highest in the world.The b ...View More

Simon Cowell issues 'good advice' on riding electric bike after breaking his back

  USA     August 09, 2020

Simon Cowell has thanked medics following surgery on his broken back after he fell while testing a n ...View More

Donald Trump sidesteps Congress to extend coronavirus relief package

  USA     August 08, 2020

Donald Trump has bypassed Congress to give thousands of Americans a tax holiday and extra unemployme ...View More

Russia 'trying to denigrate Biden' in bid to meddle in US election, says top security official

  USA     August 08, 2020

Russia is attempting to discredit Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the US electi ...View More

Policeman tracks down man who shot him in the stomach - 46 years after his escape from prison

  USA     August 07, 2020

A policeman shot in the stomach in 1971 has tracked down the man who did it - 46 years after he esca ...View More

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