COVID killed Rhonda's father - but she is still '100% Donald Trump'

Politics and the pandemic have converged in America and Wisconsin is the eye of the storm.The state  ...View More

Biden says 'no excuse' for Philadelphia looting as he casts ballot in presidential election

Joe Biden has criticised ongoing unrest and looting in Philadelphia after casting his vote in the US ...View More

Georgia's black voters fired up amid claims of intimidation and suppression

Joe Biden has headed to Georgia in a final push for votes in the deep south Peach State which - for  ...View More

Why Martin Luther King III fears a disputed election result and talk of civil war

It's a sobering thought when the eldest son of Atlanta's most famous civil rights leader looks you i ...View More

Will the last debate change anything?

The second and final presidential debate was a much more civilised affair - a win for the mute butto ...View More

Trump supporters show Biden that winning Pennsylvania won't be as easy as the polls say

The energy of American politics is extraordinary.At an intersection of two minor roads in a place ca ...View More

Nashville's country music pauses for one night only - Trump v Biden

It takes a lot to stop the music in Nashville, but the imperative that is country music gave way to  ...View More

God and guns: Inside the Pennsylvania church where they pray next to their AR-15s

This is an anxious moment in America, in a year dominated by division.There are deep concerns there  ...View More

Head to head for the last time: Trump and Biden prepare for the final presidential debate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have one final chance to address tens of millions of Americans in the fin ...View More

Biden has big cash advantage over Trump as race enters final stretch

Joe Biden's campaign has entered the final two weeks of the presidential election campaign with a la ...View More

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