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COVID pandemic has now killed three million - as countries see surge in cases

The global death toll from coronavirus has topped three million people amid repeated setbacks in the ...View More

Myanmar junta releases over 23,000 prisoners but fate of detained protesters unknown

Myanmar's junta has claimed to have pardoned and released more than 23,000 prisoners - but it is not ...View More

Brazil wants billions of dollars in foreign aid to hit net zero emissions goal

Brazil's leaders say they will need billions of dollars in foreign aid each year if the country is t ...View More

Muslim graveyard in India turns bodies away, as coronavirus cases continue to surge

Delhi’s main Muslim graveyard is running out of space due to COVID-related deaths, as it surpassed M ...View More

Media tycoon jailed over Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Billionaire Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been imprisoned over his role in pro-democracy prot ...View More

Olympics 'must be urgently reconsidered' as Japan braces for fourth COVID wave, experts warn

The Olympics in Tokyo this summer "must be urgently reconsidered", health experts have warned.The 20 ...View More

Patients 'tied to beds and intubated without sedatives' as COVID crisis worsens in Brazil

Hospitals in Brazil are being forced to intubate coronavirus patients without sedatives amid critica ...View More

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin refuses to testify over George Floyd killing as defence rests case

Former police officer Derek Chauvin has refused to testify in court over the killing of George Floyd ...View More

'Malign' Russian spies blamed for major cyber attack on US and UK as Biden imposes sanctions

The Foreign Office has summoned the Russian ambassador over concerns of "a pattern of malign behavio ...View More

Batches of 50 to 100 Uighur workers are being advertised on the Chinese internet

Uighur people from Xinjiang working in other parts of China are subject to "political" checks and wo ...View More

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