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NY-22: Inside the legal battle over StickyGate and recently discovered ballots

We’re a month out from election day and there are two undecided House races left in the country. One ...View More

MAGA media clashes over Lin Wood as Pence keeps his distance from voter-fraud claims

It was a matter of time before Trumpy populists began splintering into different sects. By the time  ...View More

CNN anchor: What is it with Democrat leaders and COVID-19 hypocrisy?

Kudos to Brianna Keilar for this remarkable segment, in which the CNN anchor neither plays Name That ...View More

AZ SecState: Expect some changes by the end of the day

Gee, whatever can Katie Hobbs mean? Actually, Arizona’s Secretary of State gives some rational backg ...View More

Baltimore elections show they have no interest in reform

While many states across the nation are still nervously watching as the votes are tallied in races t ...View More

Bad news for Nancy: Contrary to expectations, Republicans have gained seats in the House

The House races haven’t gotten as much attention as the Senate but it appears Republicans have done  ...View More

Glenn Greenwald resigns from the Intercept over site's refusal to publish a story about Hunter Biden docs

Here’s a 2020 twist I didn’t see coming. Glenn Greenwald is a co-founder of the Intercept, a progres ...View More

So that's why Trump and Barr dumped the U.S. Attorney in charge of the SDNY

“[T]his story is a good example of why pious Republican outrage over possible Biden overseas entangl ...View More

Michael Moore: 'Don't believe these polls'

Michael Moore famously predicted Trump’s win in 2016. Today he appeared on the Hill’s show Rising an ...View More

Biden wants to lessen our reliance on a nuclear deterrent

Some reporters have been pinging the Biden campaign to make a statement as to the candidate’s positi ...View More

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