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Iran to Europe: You could be next

If they don’t know it by now, they will soon enough. Iran’s official response to the three European  ...View More

Pelosi marks sad, solemn, prayerful impeachment with souvenir signing pens for Dems

Jerry Nadler punctuated the moment by doing an Ole-Miss-style “dog pee” end-zone move with a picture ...View More

Biden: Come on man, "no one did understand ObamaCare"

Least of all the people that pushed it, but that’s what makes Joe Biden’s latest gaffe mostly Kinsle ...View More

Did the U.S. just pledge to withdraw from Iraq? Or from Baghdad? Or, er, was it all a mistake?

I joked yesterday that trying to threaten Trump by kicking U.S. troops out of a Middle Eastern count ...View More

Tears for a terrorist: How Iran is stage-managing public grief over Soleimani's death

Ayatollah Khamenei made news today when he broke into tears during a speech at the public funeral fo ...View More

Anti-Semitic incidents in the New York area in 2019

There have been so many anti-Semitic attacks in the New York area within the past month that it’s di ...View More

Biden: Sure, I'd be open to having a Republican VP

I can’t decide if this is innocuous bipartisan pandering which no one takes seriously or if it’s a m ...View More

Iranian-backed militias attack US embassy in Iraq

Early this morning, President Trump offered a quick summary of what led up to the storming of the US ...View More

Is this Amy Klobuchar's time? The long shot candidate makes her move.

Coming off the last Democrat date, Amy Klobuchar is doubling down and traveling around the state of  ...View More

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