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Atlanta mayor: "Enough is enough" after "protesters" murder 8-year-old girl

Did Secoriea Turner’s life matter? Not to the mobs in the streets, and neither did the other shootin ...View More

Chicago Mayor blames yet another bloody weekend on "guns"

The violence in Chicago over Independence Day weekend may not have been quite as bad as the massacre ...View More

Susan Rice defends VP qualifications

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice is promising to support Joe Biden’s run for the presiden ...View More

Reopening reality sets in. Many restaurants can't reopen at 25% capacity

Illinois is one of the states that’s currently reopening in “phases” after the pandemic lockdowns. O ...View More

Trump: Say, did you know that vandalizing statues is a federal crime?

Looks like Donald Trump has had enough of the attempts to tear down statues in Lafayette Park. So fa ...View More

San Francisco riots feature "Kill Cops" graffiti

Over the weekend, San Francisco saw a renewed round of rioting and destruction of public property th ...View More

A.G. Barr: "They're not peaceful protesters, that's a big lie promoted by the media"

The attorney general says what we are thinking – when the media insists that the protesters are peac ...View More

Blue Lives Matter website to be shut down because shut up, they said

Cancel culture remains on the march. Barring any sort of intervention, it appears that the next vict ...View More

Escape while you can. De Blasio defunding NYPD

Earlier today, while discussing AOC’s half-baked proposal to defund the police, I noted what the unf ...View More

DoJ drops insider trading investigation into 3 of 4 Senators

As has been discussed here previously, suspicions were raised when it was revealed that at least fou ...View More

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