April 17, 2021  

Stop using Peloton treadmills if you have children or pets, US officials warn

  USA     April 17, 2021

US regulators have warned people to stop using a Peloton treadmill if they have children or pets.The ...View More

Navalny allies plan protests over Putin critic's health as doctor says he 'could die at any moment'

Allies of hunger-striking Alexei Navalny are planning what they hope will be the largest street prot ...View More

Navalny's doctors denied access to him in jail amid fears he 'could die at any moment'

Alexei Navalny's doctors say they have been denied access to him in jail, as his health is thought t ...View More

COVID pandemic has now killed three million - as countries see surge in cases

The global death toll from coronavirus has topped three million people amid repeated setbacks in the ...View More

Brazil wants billions of dollars in foreign aid to hit net zero emissions goal

Brazil's leaders say they will need billions of dollars in foreign aid each year if the country is t ...View More

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