April 16, 2021  

Mass shootings are a 'national embarrassment' that need to stop, Joe Biden warns

  USA     April 16, 2021

Joe Biden has described mass shootings as a "national embarrassment" that has to end.A day after eig ...View More

Muslim graveyard in India turns bodies away, as coronavirus cases continue to surge

Delhi’s main Muslim graveyard is running out of space due to COVID-related deaths, as it surpassed M ...View More

Media tycoon jailed over Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Billionaire Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been imprisoned over his role in pro-democracy prot ...View More

Eight killed and many injured in shooting at US FedEx facility

  USA     April 16, 2021

Eight people have been killed in a shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis.At least four people ...View More

Human cells grown in monkey embryos triggers 'Pandora's box' ethical concerns

  USA     April 16, 2021

Human cells have been grown in monkey embryos by scientists in the US, sparking ethical concerns and ...View More

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