February 27, 2021  

Trump is making his first public appearance since leaving the White House - and 'has scores to settle'

At a place in downtown Orlando this weekend, Donald Trump still rules America.The Conservative Polit ...View More

Criticism of elusive group behind the Golden Globes 'mostly stems from jealousy', member says

A member of the elusive group behind the Golden Globes has gone on the record about the way the orga ...View More

Violence returns to streets of Spain after arrest of rapper

Violence has returned to the streets of Spain after a few days of tense calm following the arrest of ...View More

FBI pursuing single suspect over death of police officer killed in Capitol riots

The FBI has said it is pursuing a single suspect over the death of a police officer who was killed  ...View More

Arrests made after hundreds gather for anti-lockdown protests in Dublin

Police have arrested a number people after hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Dublin.A ...View More

Myanmar's UN ambassador fired after making salute in support of anti-coup protests

Myanmar's ambassador to the UN has been fired a day after making a three-fingered salute in support  ...View More

After US airstrikes in Syria, Biden warns Iran of consequences for supporting militia groups

American airstrikes in Syria show that Iran can expect consequences for supporting militia groups th ...View More

Gunmen release 27 teenage boys who were kidnapped from boarding school in Nigeria

Pupils kidnapped from a boarding school in Nigeria alongside members of their family and teachers ha ...View More

CCTV captures woman being dragged along road by robbers in car

CCTV has captured the moments that a woman was dragged along a road by a car after robbers stole her ...View More

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