February 24, 2021  

Man who told police 'please don't kill me' died after officer knelt on his neck, family says

The family of a young navy veteran who died after police were called to his home during a mental hea ...View More

Pfizer vaccine is highly effective at preventing serious illness or death, real-world data confirms

The first big peer-reviewed real-world study of the Pfizer vaccine has confirmed it is very effectiv ...View More

'Frustration' as Ireland's vaccine programme lags behind UK

"It is very frustrating", admits Dr Laura Malone. "At the moment we don't have any vaccine."Standing ...View More

Former far-right extremist says 'no one has a strategy' for ongoing threat

Caleb Cain used to think like a white nationalist. "Literally anyone can be radicalised," he sa ...View More

'Dear British, we envy you': Germany's top-selling newspaper admires UK's vaccine rollout

Germany's top-selling newspaper has hailed the UK's COVID vaccine rollout success and its plans to l ...View More

Springsteen escapes driving charges but fined for drinking two shots of tequila in park

Drink driving charges against Bruce Springsteen have been dropped - but the rocker has been fined fo ...View More

Tiger Woods was unaware of how 'gravely' he was injured after car crash

Tiger Woods did not appear to be "aware of how gravely he was injured" after his car crash in Califo ...View More

Ghana receives 600,000 free doses of COVID vaccine as part of global scheme

A flight carrying 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has arrived in Ghana as part  ...View More

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