January 23, 2021  

Biden-Johnson call: The 'special relationship' is off to a good start

The state of the special relationship between Britain and America under a Biden presidency has been  ...View More

Johnson has first phone call with Biden - and wants to 'deepen longstanding alliance'

Boris Johnson has spoken to the newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden in a Saturday evening phone ...View More

Momentum for protest is growing in Russia

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. An old maxim which may be giving some in Russia's corridor ...View More

Lebanon's health service near collapse with case numbers beyond 'wildest predictions'

The head of Lebanon's main coronavirus hospital has said the country's health system is close to col ...View More

TV legend Larry King dies weeks after testing positive for COVID-19

US talk show host Larry King has died at the age of 87.The TV star was taken to hospital in Los Ange ...View More

Navalny's wife held amid mass protests across Russia

The wife of Alexei Navalny is one of over 1,000 reportedly detained at a series of demonstrations in ...View More

Hundreds of Navalny supporters held amid mass protests across Russia

More than 2,100 people have reportedly been arrested at a series of demonstrations in support of the ...View More

US and UK condemn 'harsh tactics' against Navalny protesters

The US and UK have condemned the "harsh tactics" used against protesters and journalists in Russia - ...View More

Up to 200 members of National Guard on inauguration duty test positive for COVID

Up to 200 members of the National Guard on duty in Washington DC for inauguration day have tested po ...View More

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