December 18, 2020  

'A Star Trek logo and a Marvel name?': US Space Force members will be known as 'guardians'

Members of the US Space Force will be known as "guardians", it was announced on the military service ...View More

Moderna coronavirus vaccine approved for emergency use in the US

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine has become the second to be approved for emergency use in the US.The c ...View More

French fishermen warn they will 'take action' if UK doesn't get a deal

Six months ago, I was with Laurent Merlin as we entered British coastal waters in the middle of the  ...View More

Russia hacking hit UK organisations, security source says

A small number of UK organisations are known to have been affected by a suspected Russian hacking ca ...View More

Mike Pompeo blames Russia for hacking of US government which also affected UK

A senior member of Donald Trump's administration has accused Russia of carrying out a massive cyber  ...View More

Trump downplays 'cyber hack' against US government which also affected UK

Donald Trump has attempted to downplay what one of his top officials had described as a "significant ...View More

Police believe France's most wanted man will commit 'another gruesome offence'

French police believe France's most wanted man is at large in Hong Kong and are "99 per cent sure" t ...View More

Man rescued after 10 hours trapped in his car under 4ft of snow

A man has been rescued after his car was buried under 4ft (1.2m) of snow in a severe storm in upstat ...View More

Satellite images show Iran is building at nuclear facility

Iran is building at an underground nuclear facility, according to new satellite pictures.The images  ...View More

Long road to recovery predicted for France - with no return to 'normal' until autumn 2021

France will not return to "normal" until autumn 2021, a scientific adviser to the country's governme ...View More

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