October 17, 2020  

'It has to stop': Warnings after Trump continues attacks on Michigan governor

Donald Trump has verbally attacked Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer, despite warnings about the  ...View More

'Everybody's coming for him': Women march on Washington DC with a message for Trump

In Washington DC we witnessed a wave of opposition - a women's march with a mess ...View More

Beheading of teacher heightens debate about Islamist terrorism and freedom of speech

Conflans-Saint-Honorine is a place like many others. In the outer suburbs of Paris, it is a pleasant ...View More

Yodellers reject blame for 'one of Europe's worst COVID outbreaks'

The cast of a yodelling musical have rejected blame for a COVID-19 outbreak dubbed one of the worst  ...View More

Azerbaijan and Armenia to attempt another truce after latest strike kills 13

Armenia and Azerbaijan have announced plans for another attempt to enact a ceasefire over the ongoin ...View More

Armenia accused of killing 13 people with missile strike on Azerbaijan

At least 13 people are said to have been killed in a missile strike on the second-largest city in Az ...View More

China criminalises insults to national flag - including turning it upside down

China has amended a law to make the intentional insulting or defacing of its national flag and emble ...View More

Public transport closed and roadblocks in Bangkok as protests continue

Public transport was shut down and roadblocks set up in Bangkok as Thailand's capital experienced a  ...View More

Swinging into Battle

He claims to be Covid-free, and President Trump is back on the campaign trail - but is he fighting a ...View More

New Zealand PM wins second term after rival concedes

Jacinda Ardern has won a second term in office after her rival conceded in New Zealand's general ele ...View More

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