June 23, 2020  

Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with rape and sexual assault

  USA     June 23, 2020

One of the most famous people in the adult film industry, Ron Jeremy, has been charged with raping  ...View More

Detective fired over fatal shooting of black woman in her home

  USA     June 23, 2020

A detective in the US has been fired over the fatal shooting of a black woman in her home - as his p ...View More

Noose found in black NASCAR driver's garage 'was not a crime' - FBI

  USA     June 23, 2020

No charges will be brought over a noose found hanging in the garage of an African-American NASCAR dr ...View More

'Noose' found in black NASCAR driver's garage was not a crime - FBI

  USA     June 23, 2020

No charges will be brought over a purported noose found hanging in the garage of a black NASCAR driv ...View More

Jimmy Kimmel apologises for using blackface makeup

  USA     June 23, 2020

US TV host Jimmy Kimmel has apologised for using blackface makeup to impersonate stars including Sno ...View More

Bill Cosby wins right to fight sexual assault conviction

  USA     June 23, 2020

Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby has won the right to fight his sexual assault conviction in a decision ...View More

'Disturbing surge' in US coronavirus cases, warns top White House expert

  USA     June 23, 2020

The White House's top expert on infectious diseases has warned the US is experiencing a "disturbing  ...View More

Trump threatens statue 'anarchists' with 10 years in jail

Donald Trump has said he has authorised police to arrest anyone who vandalises or destroys statues - ...View More

Trump administration's reputation among traders takes a hit after adviser's bombshell TV appearance

  USA     June 23, 2020

When is a trade deal "over"?That was the key question during an extraordinary few hours in which a k ...View More

How different countries have dealt with local outbreaks of COVID-19

Boris Johnson has told MPs that "cluster-busting techniques" will be used to tackle local outbreaks  ...View More

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