April 21, 2020  

Malaria drug pushed by Trump as COVID-19 cure has no benefit

A drug championed by the US president as a possible cure for COVID-19 has been shown to provide no b ...View More

'We must get this ironed out': Trump meets Cuomo for 'honest' talks on handling of pandemic

  USA     April 21, 2020

The US president has met the governor of New York after weeks of disagreements over the handling of  ...View More

Former British rapper arrested on suspicion of fighting for Islamic State in Syria

A former London rapper has been arrested on suspicion of joining Islamic State fighters in Syria.Abd ...View More

Lockdown helps Netflix add record 16m subscribers in first quarter

Netflix has reported a record surge in new subscriptions as more people seek entertainment while stu ...View More

Number of deaths in Canada mass shooting rises to 22

At least 22 people were shot dead after a gunman went on a rampage in Novia Scotia over the weekend  ...View More

'It's like building Spitfires': The F1 engineers helping battle COVID-19

The head of a group of businesses collaborating to build ventilators says he's "never seen anything  ...View More

'More Scrabble and fewer sofas': Why lockdown is hurting John Lewis

John Lewis has suffered a steep fall in revenues after shoppers opted to buy "more Scrabble but fewe ...View More

Woman saved after breast implant deflected bullet away from her heart

A woman was saved from death by her breast implants after they deflected a bullet when she was shot  ...View More

Human trials of a UK coronavirus vaccine get under way

Human trials of a vaccine against coronavirus have started in Britain.Scientists at the University o ...View More

Stars pay tribute to 'visionary artist' and photographer Peter Beard

  USA     April 21, 2020

Stars are paying tribute to "visionary artist" Peter Beard who was found dead in woods near his clif ...View More

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