February 04, 2020  

Trump hails the 'great American comeback'

Donald Trump has hailed the "great American comeback" during his State Of The Union address.The US p ...View More

Bitter feud overshadows major Trump speech, as foe rips up copy of script

Donald Trump's State of the Union address has been overshadowed by a bitter feud with a top Democrat ...View More

Britons on quarantined coronavirus ship: 'At least it's sunny'

Britons isolated on a cruise ship in Japan have said they are trying to enjoy the sunshine as they c ...View More

Brits on quarantined virus ship reveal situation 'changed dramatically overnight'

Britons quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan have said the situation "changed dramatically overnigh ...View More

Being fussy eaters shows cuttlefish have big brains

Just as a human might eat less for dinner if they know dessert is on the menu, scientists say cuttle ...View More

Ireland's parties make final bids to sway voters

By Stephen Murphy, Ireland correspondent The l ...View More

Another plane to bring Britons home from coronavirus epicentre

Another plane will be sent to China to collect British nationals as the coronavirus continues to spr ...View More

Ryanair adverts banned for making 'misleading' emissions claims

"Misleading" Ryanair adverts have been banned after the company claimed it has the "lowest carbon em ...View More

'Significant breakthrough' in race for coronavirus vaccine

The scientist leading the UK's research into a coronavirus vaccine says his team have made a signifi ...View More

Kobe Bryant crash witnesses heard explosion followed by flames

Emergency calls from the night of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant have been released, w ...View More

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