November 07, 2019  

Ronaldo's lawyers win fight against woman accusing him of rape

Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyers have won a courtroom bid against a woman who accuses the footballer of r ...View More

NATO is experiencing 'brain death', warns Macron

The French president has warned that NATO is experiencing "brain death".Emmanuel Macron said the all ...View More

US and China agree to lift some tariffs amid trade war progress

The US and China have agreed to remove some tariffs on each other's goods as part of the first phase ...View More

WhatsApp messages urge Hindus to vote against Labour

Messages urging British Hindus to vote against Labour in the general election are being circulated o ...View More

Hand of missing Scottish tourist found in shark's stomach

The hand of a Scottish tourist has been found in the stomach of a shark caught near Reunion Island i ...View More

Police remove 1,600 migrants from camps under Paris flyovers

Police have cleared more than 1,600 migrants from below flyovers in Paris - a day after the French g ...View More

The people forced to live in homes the size of a coffin

At first glance, the room looks like a collection of MDF cupboards, stacked from floor to ceiling.Th ...View More

'Mafia cop': Former NYPD officer who carried out mob hits dies

The man known as "mafia cop", who carried out mob hits while he was working for the New York Police  ...View More

Celtic fan in hospital after being stabbed in Rome

Two Celtic fans have been stabbed outside a pub in Rome, ahead of the club's game against Lazio in t ...View More

'Unsinkable metal' inspired by diving bell spiders and fire ants

Researchers at the University of Rochester have created an "unsinkable metallic structure" inspired  ...View More

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