October 31, 2019  

Democrats must do more to convince Republicans on Trump impeachment

With the bang of a gavel, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi marked an historic moment and a major gamble fo ...View More

California family see first home they owned burned to the ground

A photograph shows the Valdivia family posing happily next to the "sold" sign in front of their new  ...View More

Congresswoman attacks double standard after quitting over naked pics

Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill has hit out at a "double standard" in her final speech afte ...View More

Hammerson to name director in truce with activist

The owner of the Brent Cross shopping centre is to appoint a heavyweight European property executive ...View More

Sky News to investigate how tech is used and misused through the election

The battle to influence the hearts and minds of voters has begun, and the UK's political generals ar ...View More

Islamic State announces new leader to replace Baghdadi

The Islamic State has confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and announced his succe ...View More

'Emotional trauma' caused illness at US base, not sonic attack

An illness that mysteriously spread among US embassy staff in Cuba and was blamed on a suspected son ...View More

Democrats move step closer to impeaching Donald Trump

Democrats in the House of Representatives have moved a step closer to impeaching Donald Trump after  ...View More

Smugglers used gone-off pizza cheese to hide £5m cannabis stash

Two Dutch men caught hiding half a tonne of cannabis among bags of gone-off pizza cheese have been j ...View More

NASA discovers new nebula - but is it a trick or a treat?

NASA has announced the discovery of the Jack-o'-lantern Nebula - using a spiced up image to share th ...View More

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