August 08, 2019  

Clothes that grow, plant-based microbeads: 10 solutions to ocean pollution

By Emma Birchley, news correspondent Microbeads made from plan ...View More

'The big teams stay together' - Klopp defends Liverpool's transfer strategy

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has defended his teams’ inactivity in the transfer market, saying tha ...View More

Wayne LaPierre hints: The NRA will oppose any of the gun-control proposals under consideration

We already basically knew this but LaPierre blasted out an “important statement” late this afternoon ...View More

Quentin Tarantino Says His Last Movie Will Be ‘Epilogue-y’

31 minutes ago Quentin Tarantino has promised for years that he only plans on mak ...View More

Why Ryan Reynolds Wanted To Make Detective Pikachu

56 minutes ago Actors make movies for a lot of different reasons. Artistic callin ...View More

Wexner: Epstein made his money the old-fashioned way — he stole it

Mystery solved? Jeffrey Epstein built what appears to be a billion-dollar-or-more fortune as an inve ...View More

A Blumhouse Movie Has Stopped Marketing After The Recent Shootings

1 hour ago A rash of mass shootings in America that left 34 people dead and dozen ...View More

Colin Kaepernick: Please pay attention to me again

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016. Today he posted a video of his workout routine ...View More

Indian PM defends 'historic' action in Kashmir

By Alex Crawford, special correspondent, in Islamabad The Indi ...View More

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