July 15, 2019  

Facebook's scam detection service goes live following lawsuit

Facebook's new scam reporting tool goes live today following legal action aimed at forcing it to tak ...View More

'Sarri betrayed us with Juventus move' - Napoli star Insigne hits out at former coach

Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne reiterated that Maurizio Sarri betrayed the club by joining Serie A cham ...View More

Ilhan Omar responds to Trump: It’s time for us to impeach you

From this afternoon’s joint “Squad” press conference. Between Omar trying to drag the caucus towards ...View More

One Movie Analyst Predicts 2020 Is Going To Be A Terrible Year For Movies

27 minutes ago For Hollywood and moviegoing audiences, 2019 will prove a tough ye ...View More

Klobuchar: I’ll pass on open borders, thanks

We’re finally seeing some daylight between a few of the two dozen Democrats vying for their party’s  ...View More

Dave Bautista Was ‘Shocked’ Watching The Fight Scenes In Stuber

1 hour ago At this point in his career, Dave Bautista has ...View More

That Time Avengers: Endgame's Cassie Lang Got In Trouble By Marvel Security

Yeah, definitely. So, I had gotten to Atlanta to film, and there was this gorgeous sunset. I took a ...View More

Tucker: The lefties are correct about the corporations, man

Is an opening speech at a National Conservatism Conference a good venue at which to give credit to … ...View More

Trump accused of running US with 'white nationalist agenda'

  USA     July 15, 2019

Donald Trump has been accused of leading America with "the agenda of a white nationalist" by four co ...View More

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