June 14, 2019  

Police officer says gay people should be executed

  USA     June 14, 2019

A Tennessee detective has refused to apologise after he called for the execution of gay people durin ...View More

Tear gas and blast bombs as violence flares in Brazil

By Stuart Ramsay, chief correspondent, in Rio de Janeiro Riot  ...View More

Montella confirmed as Fiorentina's head coach

Fiorentina have confirmed that ex-AC Milan and Sevilla coach Vincenzo Montella will stay on at  ...View More

Biden: I’m pledging right now not to use disinformation or accept foreign government help in the campaign

He’ll be applauded for this because it’s high-minded and scores a point on Trump, but if China knock ...View More

Brutal crackdown has not crushed dream of democracy in Sudan

By John Sparks, Africa correspondent The symbol of resistance  ...View More

Could John Connor Actually Be Dead In Terminator: Dark Fate?

40 minutes ago John Connor is one of the most integral cha ...View More

Ole's at the Wheel! Story behind famous Man Utd chant

When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over from disgraced former boss Jose Mourinho at Manchester Unit ...View More

Kevin Smith Thanked Chris Hemsworth For Thor’s Endgame Appearance

50 minutes ago Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame Out of Endgame’s jam-packed ...View More

Oberlin College issues statement on $44 million jury decision

Yesterday a jury awarded $33 million in punitive damages to the owners of Gibson’s bakery, a small b ...View More

It Does Not Look Like It's Going To Be An Impressive Weekend At The Movies

1 hour ago This weekend features two new wide releases, each in established and l ...View More

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