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Urgent? Prince Charles pleads for meeting with Biden to discuss climate change before G7 meeting

Prince Charles is desperate for a face-to-face meeting with Joe Biden. The heir to the throne is con ...View More

CPAC organizer responds to Hyatt: We won't let you cancel us to appease a social media mob

Read Jazz’s post this morning for the background on this — although, in a pinch, this tweet sums up  ...View More

Biden administration will allow migrant families separated under Trump administration to reunite in America

The details of this plan aren’t clear, at least not to me based on this NBS News story. But it sound ...View More

Huh: McConnell wants impeachment trial moved to early February

The obvious explanation for delay is that the Senate just has too much on its plate right now to jug ...View More

That CNN story claiming there was no vaccine distribution plan was Biden camp spin (Update)

This morning Ed picked up on a CNN story headlined “Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine ...View More

Politico: Will Biden agree to jettison war authorizations?

Is it time to say auf wiedersehn to the two AUMFs that have underpinned our foreign wars for a  ...View More

Trump: The thousands of people gathering in D.C. tomorrow "won't stand" to see me lose

There was never a question that it would come to this once he started digging in on the idea that he ...View More

Live results: The Georgia runoffs

I’ll save the commentary for the other runoff thread. Below you’ll find widgets from Decision Desk H ...View More

Livetweet thread: Georgia-geddon

At last, the two most insane months in modern American political history reach their gonzo conclusio ...View More

Breaking: Trump pardons Manafort, Stone ... and Jared's dad

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Pardon-mas. For the second evening in a row, Donald Trump has is ...View More

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