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As usual, California goes too far with new red flag law

California Governor Gavin Newsom kept himself busy yesterday by signing a new red flag gun control b ...View More

Portland firefighters responded to more than 1,200 homeless camp fires in two years

A Fox News affiliate in Portland requested public data on the number of times city firefighters are  ...View More

Question for Trump: Is Rudy Giuliani still your attorney?

Reporters were buzzing this afternoon about him answering “I don’t know” here, but watch the clip. I ...View More

Amber Guyger case gets more bizarre

There was only one way to describe the Amber Guyger murder case: bizarre, bordering on the surreal.A ...View More

Defense One editor claims CBP refused to return passport

A disturbing and chilling interaction may have happened at Dulles International Airport this week be ...View More

Is Mitt Romney weighing a primary challenge to Trump?

Mitt Romney could turn out to be the 2020 version of Evan McMullin. Last week some signals were sent ...View More

Chris Wallace: Rudy had help in trying to get dirt on Biden from Ukraine, and it’s a name Fox News viewers will recognize

This would be interesting under any circumstances but it’s fascinating in the context of the beef on ...View More

NFL week 4 open thread

Jazz: Week three was yet another “meh” affair in our competition. I went 4-3 again, only by yet agai ...View More

The first to go: Sunday reflection

This morning’s Gospel reading is Luke 16:19–31:Jesus said to the Pharisees: “There was a rich man wh ...View More

War: AOC endorses progressive primary challenge to centrist House Dem colleague

This was of mild interest until I saw the reaction from the Democrat whom she’s trying to oust.Now i ...View More

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