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Saudi shooter held a mass shooting video party, plus an online rant pointing to terrorism

No one was ready to jump to any conclusions yesterday but the gap between what we suppose and what w ...View More

Portland considers "mandatory rest spaces" for the homeless on private property

Portland, Oregon, like many cities on the left coast, is struggling with a growing homelessness cris ...View More

John Kerry endorses Joe Biden. Is that a good thing?

John Kerry endorsed Joe Biden this week. John Kerry, the former senator from Massachusetts and Obama ...View More

Trump headed to Britain and people expect comments on election

President Donald Trump will take a trip to Great Britain for a NATO summit this week and pretty much ...View More

Are you ready for presidential candidate Adam Schiff?

It’s not going to happen this election cycle, however, there is speculation California Congressman A ...View More

Hallmark Channel holiday movies under fire from the diversity police

The liberal scolds are coming for the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel, too. During the holiday ...View More

Report: White House lawyers think House Dems might not impeach Trump after all

Total idiocy, although in their defense this may be something they’re putting out as a morale booste ...View More

Elizabeth Warren told a charter school advocate 'My kids went to public schools,' but is it true?

This is an interesting story for several reasons. It appears Warren lied to a charter school advocat ...View More

End of an era: Victoria's Secret cancels fashion show

Disappointing millions of Americans, Victoria’s Secret fashion show featuring the parade of runway a ...View More

AG Barr's attack on 'The Resistance' didn't go over well with the left

Attorney General William Barr gave a speech to the Federalist Society last Friday which contained a  ...View More

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