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Looks like our sailors are escaping the Roosevelt

When I wrote yesterday about the COVID-19 outbreak on the USS Roosevelt, I urged in the strongest po ...View More

Breaking: NYC orders EMS to not transport cardiac-arrest patients without a pulse

In any acute shortage situation, rationing becomes inevitable. In New York City, that has gone way b ...View More

Background checks in the era of the coronavirus

Now that gun shops have been declared essential businesses in several states where they had previous ...View More

"A massive drafting error": Three GOP senators pledge to block relief bill unless unemployment benefits fixed

Legislate in haste, repent at leisure. The rush to get a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package to a ...View More

Biden: Sorry, Bernie, but I think I'm done with primary debates

Ah, watching this clip made me think back to a time decades ago when I was young and carefree. I use ...View More

Iran's coronavirus death toll passes 2,000, new travel restrictions are put in place

Iran has belatedly put in place travel restrictions which amount to a stay-at-home order for the ent ...View More

Uh oh. German brothels latest victims of pandemic

All sorts of businesses are being negatively impacted by emergency orders shutting down various soci ...View More

"We are at war": France, Germany declare Schengen zone closed over coronavirus, national borders back up

Last week, when Donald Trump imposed travel restrictions on the Schengen zone, the EU protested that ...View More

The latest study isn't good

So that’s why Trump sounded so different at yesterday’s press conference. Per the Times, researchers ...View More

Gallup: Republicans top Dems in approval ratings

Gallup has been running this congressional approval poll of the two parties since 1999. For most of  ...View More

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