'Disgusting' smells of fish, burning and even toast may be long COVID symptoms

People suffering from long COVID are reporting a strong smell of fish, sulphur and a sweet sickly od ...View More

'A Star Trek logo and a Marvel name?': US Space Force members will be known as 'guardians'

Members of the US Space Force will be known as "guardians", it was announced on the military service ...View More

'Crazy beast' lived among dinosaurs and broke rules of evolution

Scientists have described the ways an ancient "crazy beast", which lived alongside dinosaurs on Mada ...View More

Bad Sex In Fiction award cancelled - as people have suffered enough in 2020

Organisers of the Bad Sex In Fiction award have called this year's ceremony off - saying people have ...View More

Bungling burglar leaves his name and address at crime scene

A bungling burglar who left behind a rucksack containing his name and address at the scene of a crim ...View More

Rare two-headed snake slithers into woman's house

A woman who found a rare two-headed snake in her sunroom has found the reptile a new home.Jeannie Wi ...View More

Potty-mouthed parrots split up by zoo bosses after egging each other on to swear

Five foul-mouthed parrots have had to be separated after encouraging each other to swear at a Lincol ...View More

Goofy dogs and laughing horses up for funniest pet photo award

Startled cats, laughing horses and a dog with its nose in a biscuit jar are all vying for the top pr ...View More

Rail workers suspended after 'man cave' found under railway

Three men have been accused of creating a "man cave" underneath New York's Grand Central station.The ...View More

33-stone gorilla is given CT scan (with help of five lifters)

A 34-year-old gorilla has undergone a medical procedure usually reserved for humans after unusual gr ...View More

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