The Polar Express Film Financier Stephen Bing Is Dead After Jumping From Building

Details are scarce but Deadline reports that Steve Bing apparently jumped from a building in Century ...View More

This Is Why Steve Carell Yells 'Kelly Clarkson' In The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Along with Steve Carrell and Seth Rogen, The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s cast included Catherine Keener, Pa ...View More

11 Most Memorable James Bond Pre-Title Openings

Thunderball (1965)Several times in the history of the James Bond franchise, the cold open entails so ...View More

David Lynch and Duran Duran Launch Initiative for Medical Professionals Fighting Coronavirus

  People     May 04, 2020

David Lynch, Duran Duran Team Up to Launch Coronavirus Initiative | PEOPLE.com  ...View More

Robert Wagner Says Daughter Natasha 'Knows I Never Would Have Done Anything to Hurt Her Mother'  

  People     May 02, 2020

Robert Wagner: Daughter 'Knows I Never Would Have Done Anything to Hurt Her Mother' | PEOPLE.co ...View More

Brett Young's Baby Makes a Surprise Appearance on His New Single: 'She Was a Little Musician Before She Knew It'

  People     May 01, 2020

Brett Young's Baby Makes an Appearance on His Single: 'She Was a Musician Before She Knew It' | ...View More

Doctor Strange’s Director Really Wants Us To Know He Approves Of Sam Raimi Directing The Sequel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever changing place, especially as the studio plans the next two ...View More

10 Movies To Stream Or Rent Online Since My Spy Is Delayed

Disney’s The Kid (2000)It’s nice when filmmakers can find a nice way to put a spin on an older idea, ...View More

Capone Trailer: Watch Tom Hardy Play The Notorious Gangster In Fantastic Four Director's New Movie

Rather than focus on Al Capone at the height of his power in the 1920s and early 1930s, Capone follo ...View More

FDA Orders All Zantac Medication Products Taken Off Shelves Immediately

FDA Orders All Zantac Heartburn Products Off Shelves Immediately | PEOPLE.com  ...View More

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