Ghislaine Maxwell 'never saw inappropriate underage activities' by Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell 'never saw inappropriate underage activities' by Jeffrey Epstein
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Ghislaine Maxwell 'never saw inappropriate underage activities' by Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell said in a testimony in 2016 she never witnessed "inappropriate underage activities" by her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, according to newly-released documents.

The British socialite's deposition from four years ago related to Epstein's sexual abuse activities has now been made public.

Transcripts of statements by Maxwell over two days were released after a ruling by a US judge. In them, Maxwell repeatedly denied hiring anyone under the age of 18 for Epstein.

Maxwell, 58, was interviewed by lawyers as part of a civil lawsuit brought against her by one of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who sued Maxwell for defamation after she called her a liar. The lawsuit was eventually settled.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre and her lawyer David Boies
Image: Virginia Roberts Giuffre has claimed Epstein kept her as a 'sex slave' with Maxwell's assistance

Ms Roberts Giuffre claimed she was trafficked by convicted sex offender Epstein and she said he kept her as a "sex slave" with Maxwell's assistance.

:: In her testimony, Maxwell denied training Ms Roberts Giuffre on how to recruit other girls to perform sexual massages, and she called Ms Roberts Giuffre's claims "absurd" and "one giant tissue of lies".

:: Maxwell said she "never instructed Virginia to have sex with anybody, ever".

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:: Maxwell also said: "I never ever at any single time at any point ever at all participated in anything with Virginia and Jeffrey. And for the record, she is an absolute total liar."

:: Maxwell was asked questions about her relationship with Epstein. She said: "I have never seen anybody have sexual intercourse with Jeffrey, ever," and later said: "I never saw any inappropriate underage activities with Jeffrey ever."

:: Maxwell told lawyers that her job with Epstein included hiring assistants, architects, decorators, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, pool people and pilots as part of the upkeep of six homes.

Maxwell also said: "... a very small part of my job was from time to time to find adult professional massage therapists for Jeffrey."

:: Maxwell said she was "not talking about any adult sexual things when I was with him [Epstein]".

:: Maxwell said she has never had non-consensual sex with anyone.

:: Maxwell was asked: "Have you ever given a massage to Mr Epstein with a female that was under the age of 18?" Maxwell replied: "No."

:: Maxwell also replied "no" when she was asked: "Have you ever observed Mr Epstein having a massage given by an individual, a female, who was under the age of 18?"

Ms Roberts Giuffre has claimed she was pressured into having sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was 17.

The prince has strenuously denied he had "any form of sexual contact or relationship" with Ms Roberts Giuffre, adding "any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation".

Maxwell's lawyers had argued that the documents should remain sealed in part to protect her right to a fair trial on charges she helped Epstein traffic and sexually abuse teenage girls in the 1990s.

She has pleaded not guilty and has been in custody since her arrest in early July. If convicted, she could face up to 35 years in prison.

ghislaine maxwell epstein prince andrew virginia giuffre
Image: An image appearing to show Prince Andrew and a 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre at Ghislaine Maxwell's house in London in March 2001. Pic: Rex/Shutterstock

Maxwell's arrest in July came a year after 66-year-old Epstein was detained and charged with sex trafficking.

He killed himself in August 2019 at a federal jail in Manhattan where he was awaiting trial without bail.

Prince Andrew has said he has no recollection of meeting Ms Roberts Giuffre and that a photo appearing to show them together at Maxwell's house in London may have been doctored.

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